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Perfusion Leaders is a community built for those who provide perfusion services, from the novice student in perfusion school to the experts conducting research on new techniques. As you navigate your career in perfusion, let this resource be the fulcrum you turn to for additional news, guidance, and tips for the field. Here, we will examine the lives of other perfusionists, map out the goals of the career itself, and celebrate continued advancement towards quality care. Perfusionists must have the right state of mind to be responsive to emergency situations that arise in the operating room, and this will be another important resource that promotes your personal health and success as a perfusionist.
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April Perfusion Webinar: Update on Myocardial Protection for the Severely Compromised Heart Join Serdar Gunaydin, MD, PhD, clinical professor in the department of cardiovascular surgery at Ankara City Hospital Campus, University of Health Sciences, Ankara-Turkey. The presentation will give an overview of the latest research on long-acting...
January 2024 Perfusion Webinar: Areas of CPB Practice & AI Our ability to increase knowledge, calculate risk, and detect perioperative events associated with surgery and CPB is improving through our interaction with data and artificial intelligence (AI). The application of predictive AI models offers the...
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