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Making a Career Change to the Medical Field

Making a career change can significantly improve your mental health and provide other benefits to your overall well-being. One of the primary reasons employees face burnout is because they’re working excessive hours. Switching careers to one with fewer, more flexible hours can decrease stress and allow more time for rest, which plays a vital role in the quality of your mental health.

Shifting careers can also provide you with a better work-life balance. Some believe that we need to be constantly hustling and always available outside of regular work hours without additional pay. As a result, employees are overworked, and their job has become their main identifier. This constant work-life pressure can lead to significant stress and anxiety. A healthier work-life balance allows you more time to rest, participate in your favorite hobbies, and enjoy time with your family and friends.

Most importantly, a career change can provide you with improved work culture and a new job that you’re genuinely passionate about. A better work environment can make you feel more connected with your coworkers and help you identify as a valuable asset in the work you do. It also allows you to feel more aligned with an organization’s shared vision.

A career in the medical field can provide you with meaningful work where you experience firsthand the valuable role that you play every day. It allows the flexibility of choosing between full-time, part-time, or contract work to ensure a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, medical professionals make competitive salaries and have excellent job security, knowing that there will always be a need for high-quality patient care. The medical field is ever-evolving, so no two days are ever the same. It offers an energetic, versatile workplace that will present you with new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis.

Right now, the healthcare industry is experiencing an extreme shortage of perfusionists, so there’s no better time to start a rewarding new career. We are seeing a transition of perfusionists who are aging out of the profession as they come closer to the end of their careers. If you are considering a career change to the medical field, take a look into the life of a perfusionist for a competitive salary, excellent benefits, a healthy work-life balance, and opportunities to advance into leadership roles.

Perfusion Leaders
Perfusion Careers
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If you’re an experienced perfusionist looking for a change, or just entering perfusion school, view potential career options at some of the best hospitals and clinics in the country.
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